DOMM: Depths Of My Mind
Suspended above
the audience
on moving,
transparent platforms,
the performers take us
into a world where
nothing is solid.
Depths of My Mind brings to life the latest developments in neuroimaging connected to the teenage brain. Suspended above the audience on moving transparent platforms the performers take us into a world where nothing is solid, and explore how it feels to be growing up, changing and searching for somewhere to belong.
19/10/2018 to 20/10/2018
Quays Theatre, The Lowry, Salford M50 3AZ
19 October 2018 7.30pm
20 October 2018 3pm
20 October 2018 7.30pm
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Based on the findings of the U-Change Project led by scientists from the Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network (NSPN) at Cambridge University, Depths of my Mind is a mind-blowing immersive theatre show combining breathtaking aerial skills, a pulsating soundtrack and stunning projections.
Creative team Artistic directors: Daniela Essart and Peter Glanville
Technical director: Søren Nielsen
Choreographer: Lindsey Butcher
Performers: Antonio Harris, Hauk Pattison,
Rachel Ni Bhraonain, Willow Vidal-Hall
Video design: Mark Morreau
Sound design: Billy Biznizz
Lighting design: Paul Need
Riggers: Søren Nielsen, Joe White, Graeme Clint
Stage manager: Marcia Stephenson
Scientific Advisers (NSPN team) Dr. Becky Inkster
Prof. Ian Goodyer
Prof. Ed Bullmore
Prof. Peter Jones
Scarabeus Aerial Theatre is a dynamic aerial theatre company, which has since 1988 pioneered the creation of site responsive and touring performances outside conventional spaces. We have an international reputation for creating beautiful, poetic and spectacular shows. Scarabeus creates exhilarating experience through challenging, intensely visceral responses to space, place and text.
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