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Fall to Fly

Fall to Fly Mark Morreau
    In 2019 we will begin research on FALL TO FLY,  a new performance project aimed at subverting stereotypical assumptions about female instability, looking at female mental health issues including anorexia, depression and self-harm. 

    Anorexia, depression and self-harm are on the increase among young women. Following discussions with young people we work with, it is with a sense of increasing urgency that we wish to research a new performance addressing these issues. 

    Rather than trauma, Fall To Fly will focus on why the body is used as a site of attack, and on the recovery process. We will research a metaphorical and physical language of shadows, symbolising hiding, invisibility, de-humanising and trying to literally disappear. Shadows and silhouettes also represent dysmorphia in the body image - the way people affected by anorexia perceive and see themselves.

    Please see below for a video of our initial research.
    Arts Council England