Søren Nielsen

Image of Søren standing on mountain top holding pole

Executive Director and Rigger

My dad was a pilot so I flew almost before I could walk. Not able to become a pilot myself I had to seek the thrill of height in other places and landed in the wonderful world of contemporary circus where I have spent over 30 years. First performing on stilts, in acro-balance, as an aerial artist and now rigging other aerialists.

I trained at the Comedia school in København, in my native Danmark, where I toured with various circus companies before descending on London where Daniela and I developed a performative language fusing dance and acrobatics on stilts, and pioneered vertical dance theatre in UK. 

In the last 15 years I have mainly concentrated on the production side of our aerial performances, designing and supervising all the rigging aspects. This has involved site specific shows in unusual locations such as modern and historical buildings, trees, tall ships and even a disused satellite dish in Trinidad. I am passionate about circus and flight and believe that art should be available to everybody.

Working in such diverse environments has called upon creativity and inventiveness: I am a lateral thinker and able to come up with imaginative and functional solutions. 

As executive director I transfer these qualities in my work behind the scenes, such as policies, health and safety and making sure that the business side of things are running smoothly.  

Søren also works regularly as a rigging consultant, rigger and trainer for other companies including: WacArts, Walk the Plank, Graeae Theatre, Greenwich and Docklands Festivals, The National Centre for Circus Arts, High Performance Rigging, Wildworks, The Generating Company, Gravity and Levity, Emergency Exit Arts and Cirque du Soleil.