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Flying Mothers Of Archway

A collaboration about journeys, motherhood and flying with a group of mothers from Archway Children Centre and Hargrave Park Primary School. The project culminated into a public performance. A fluid gathering of stories transforming the ordinary into extra-ordinary. A performance and installation about journeys, internal landscapes, motherhood, landing in Archway and being able to fly!

Flying Mothers of Archway was part of A Million Minutes, an Islington Council project.

The best thing was the whole amazing experience! Even in the first week we worked with the cocoons, which was just so empowering and fabulous. At the end of one session we had a chance to just sit in the cocoon and chill out. There was some music playing gently in the background and I will never forget that experience. It was so incredibly and deeply calming that I could see many therapeutic uses for it. Clare - participant
Daniela is precisely the kind of person you need to take you through a project like this - passionate, compassionate, fun and inspiring. I am really grateful to her for offering me this exciting and challenging experience. Belinda - yoga teacher
It was a brilliant performance in every aspect - choreography, creativity, atmosphere, music, arousing feelings of calmness, nostalgia, happiness, various emotions, fervour, being fortunate; bringing memories alive - especially from the time I was pregnant with my first son, his birth and the time we have spent together, and now that he is away at University - how important these memories are and how precious the times when we are together. Mita - Audience
Flying Mothers of Archway was part of A Million Minutes, an Islington Council project supported by Arts Council England
Produced by AIR at Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design.