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Flights Of Fancy

A Scarabeus classic, originally developed with Archway Children Centre and piloted in ACC, North Islington, Willow and New River Green children centres in Islington. The project combines multi intelligence educational theories with the 28 years of Scarabeus' directors research and practice into body movement, yoga, physical theatre, balance acrobatics and aerial dance.

The project has evolved from expressions of interest from various early years centres and schools into a cumulative series of workshops, which enable children to share common goals and achievements in a stimulating, encouraging and fun environment. The centres and schools are particularly keen to involve those children who find most difficult to integrate themselves into school life whether because of language, cultural or behavioural difficulties. We have devised a series of multi sensory and cognitive workshops around the theme of suspensions and flight.

Children develop better engagement in learning, improve their ability to concentrate and successfully accomplish a task. They develop perseverance, acquire resilience and adaptability to different environments, together with overcoming their fears. Grow in confidence and self-esteem through structured activities in indoors and outdoors environments.

We’ve had lots of happy collaborations with Scarabeus over the last few years. All the children love the flying and yoga and it has been incredibly beneficial to them. We’ve seen lovely improvements in their ability to listen, support each other, become more physically aware and confident in their use of their bodies and also improvements in drawing, maths and science. I can’t underestimate the benefits of working with Scarabeus. Nassou Christou, Head of Archway Children’s Centre