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Healthy Mothers

HEALTHY MOTHERS – Yes we can! (2012)
FLYING MOTHERS (Spring 2013)
FLYING MUMS ( Autumn 2013) at Seddon Centre (Waltham Forest)

Originally piloted with Archway Children’s Centre in Islington, this innovative project, targeted at hard to reach mothers who need support to adopt a healthier lifestyle, has been evolved and replicated in different versions through the years. We address issues of physical fitness through cooking healthy meals, physical routines such as yoga skills, outdoors exercise and aerial techniques, and promoting emotional wellbeing by increasing self-esteem. This project manages to break through the isolation that most single mothers experience by creating a supportive inter-cultural community.

This projects are a collaboration between Archway Children Centre, Hargrave Park school.

Exercise!! I have a 20 months old baby and a boy of 7 I have really enjoy my 2 hours of yoga where I can relax , concentrate and be more flexible again. I really enjoy the experience that was my highlight of the week; my two hours of yoga not thinking about nothing or doing anything else, it was my ‘me time’ - really enjoy and miss it now that is finished. Sonia - participant
Supported by Islington Council, Big Lottery Awards for All and L&Q Housing association