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Professional development

The programme has been created in partnership with Wac Arts, and delivered in collaboration with Upswing. It has provided training for 20 emerging and practicing artist.

InFlight has offered professional development for people already involved in physical sports or art forms who wanted to expand their skill base and employability by training in aerial work. The aim was to remove barriers to access aerial training, increase the diversity of performers in the industry and offer free high-quality training to aspiring artists. Running part-time between April 2015 and July 2016, the project has provided participants with intensive training in trapeze, cocoon, silks and rope as well as harness techniques such as abseil and bungee harness.

The course culminated with the students working with theatre maker Leo Kay of Unfinished Business to create IN FLIGHT FROM HOME, a site-specific promenade performance shifting from intimate interactions and larger, image-based, physical spectacles that explored the nature of migration both intentional and forced.

I am extremely thankful for InFlight, it has changed my career path for the better. Rachel Bhraonain
Turning a dream into a reality is what this is! Sarah Harris
Supported by Arts Council England