I came to London in 1987, with the aim of working in theatre as a performer. In 1988, in a theatre convention in France, I met Danish performer Søren Nielsen, it was love at first sight! Søren moved to London a few months later and together we co-founded Scarabeus Theatre (originally with Kevin Alderson), with the aim of bringing physical and visual theatre to unusual outdoor spaces and reaching new audiences – well before it becomes trendy!

Our first performance BALLET-TICO FANTASTICO, a comic parody of Swan Lake on stilts, was a huge hit and toured UK, Europe and internationally for 5 years. In 1990 few acrobats and aerialists leased a warehouse in North Road, which was to become the Circus Space, and in recent years the National Centre for Circus Arts (still the Circus Space for the ones of us who were there from the very beginning!). We started to exchange aerial and balance acrobatics classes for cleaning thick layers of pigeon dung out of the very beams where our aerial equipment was dangling from. Sweeping years of dirt out of the dusty floorboards, disinfecting toilets… We trained, performed, trained a bit more, created new productions where we were experimenting with a hybrid language that fused acrobatics and dance on stilts with aerial skills, within a larger than life theatrical vision. We kept searching and experimenting, we were one of the first UK based companies to introduce vertical dance, being widely commissioned and create site responsive aerial performances on buildings and natural environments. We toured from tiny villages in UK to being suspended from a satellite dish in Trinidad.

We are still searching, experimenting, bettering ourselves and our art. We create work when we have something to communicate and it becomes so urgent that we cannot keep it inside anymore, then we share it through our performances. We value the collaborative process, love working and being challenged by different artists representing the most disparate artforms, technicians, and riggers… We always value people that have a head for heights, but at the same time are talented, committed and grounded, and can make good knots…