Paradise Lost? was an extraordinary site-specific aerial theatre performance drawing on the history of the place and the people of Archway to tell an intimate story of love, loss and hope against the backdrop of the Archway Tower.

TOWERING PIECE OF ART – A week after the performance of Paradise Lost? on the Archway Tower, its breathtaking beauty is still bubbling in my thoughts and warming my heart. I never imagined that a work of art would change everything. Now I look up at the tower with memories and emotions so potent I can’t imagine them going away. I think we all fell in love a bit that evening on Archway’s pavements – art love – and Paradise Lost? changed our landscape forever.

Local resident Stephanie Smith – Director of Archway With Words

Commissioned by A Million Minutes, an arts project celebrating the communities of Archway and Finsbury Park.


Supported by Islington Council