naissa transformations

EMERGING combines dance, aerial, and excerpts from letters to fearlessly shed light on what it means to live within liminality and how to navigate the shifting sands of identity, relationships, and a life-changing process.

This story is led by Naissa, 21, who has experienced gender dysphoria for as long as he can remember.  It centres on the relationship between Naissa and his mother, Daniela, as they embark on a journey into the unknown. Through performance and letters written to each other during the last year, Naissa and Daniela harness their art to better understand both themselves and each other, and to express what cannot be clothed in words alone.

While sensitively exploring the issues of gender, identity and representation, on a broader level EMERGING is a universal story about a parent child relationship, coming of age, and independence. It’s an intimate experience of the power of creativity to facilitate profound change.

“Ever since I can remember gender has always
been something constantly clouding my mind.
When I was younger it was less of an issue
because I passed as a boy. Whenever I’d be
referred to as a daughter it made me want to
explode, like I had lost and someone had
reminded me who I was supposed to be”.

“Will you take me by the hand and guide me
through the appearing and disappearing of you,
because this is what I fear the most;
to lose you my child”.