The motto of Keys Meadow school in Enfield is: You can do it, you can fly! We have been exploring the deep meaning of the school’s motto by embarking on a very ambitious project. First with the school staff, looking at various techniques to implement creativity within the curriculum, and then creating a site specific aerial theatre production staged in various areas of the school including the art laboratory, the school corridor, an outside junk area, and the main hall. The production is based on Louis Sepulveda’s book The story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly, which enhances the importance of respecting differences, of nurturing ideals, and of course learning to fly!

Scarabeus promoted the importance of risk-taking for participants – believing that having the courage to try something scary and new is a skill for life… The outcomes of the projects were outstanding.
Lawrence Price, Headteacher
Keys Meadow Primary School
Commissioned and supported by Creative Partnerships North