This work is a collaboration with Grafton primary school and Whittington Hospital.A heritage project culminating in a site-specific promenade performance in a ward at Whittington hospital; inspired by visits at the Islington museums and London Metropolitan Archives, plus a collection of memories from retired staff, ex-patients and local people about the Whittington hospital, to capture its history and importance locally. The audience are immersed in a journey that time travels over the past 100 years.Did you know that Whittington it is one of the oldest hospitals in London – built originally in 1474 as a leper hospital, it became a smallpox hospital in the 18th century, and during Victorian times it mainly served the sick from North London’s workhouses? And furthermore that famous nurses like Edith Cavell and Florence Nightingale worked at the hospital, there used to be a Radio Whittington, the hospital has been the stage for a famous protest to save it from privatisation and that in the children’s ward the toys come alive at night?

I really enjoyed your fascinating and very evocative performance. I am sure it has broadened the view of all the pupils who were very entertaining and clearly enjoying themselves.

Steve Hitchins – Chairman Whittington Hospital Trust

Supported by Heritage Lottery