Working together with Archway Children’s Centre & Hargrave Park School, Healthy Mothers, was a project targeted at mothers who needed support to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Healthy Mothers

The project aimed to address issues around physical fitness and diet, through a series of healthy eating and cooking workshops, alongside physical routines such as yoga skills, outdoor exercise and aerial techniques. In turn improving physical and emotional wellbeing and increasing self-esteem for the participants involved.
The project managed to break through the isolation that most single mothers experience by creating a supportive inter-cultural community.

Overtime the project has evolved and been replicated;

  • HEALTHY MOTHERS – Yes we can! (2012)
  • FLYING MOTHERS (Spring 2013)
  • FLYING MUMS ( Autumn 2013) at Seddon Centre (Waltham Forest)

Images by Gabriella Piccaluga and Belina Ackermann, video by Steve Jackman.