Flying Families is a FREE programme of creative and physical aerial workshops for grown-ups and their children. A great way of bonding deeply with your child and building self-confidence while learning fun new skills in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Flying Families

Flying Families is a great way for grown-ups and children to spend quality time together and meet other local families with children of a similar age. We welcome families that are often living under difficult circumstances or that have complex needs, working with them to form stronger bonds, feel less stressed and anxious, and more able to have fun as a family.

We work with Primary Schools in London, offering a free weekly after-school programme across 8-weeks, exploring aerial skills using cocoons, yoga for adults & children, fun theatre games, outdoor adventures in Queen’s Woods and finishing off with some relaxation techniques.

If you want to bring Flying Families to your school please contact Daniela at

This programme is offered free thanks to the support by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Images by Gigi Giannella and Sky Neal, video by Sky Neal.

Working together with Archway Children’s Centre & Hargrave Park School, Healthy Mothers, was a project targeted at mothers who needed support to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Healthy Mothers

The project aimed to address issues around physical fitness and diet, through a series of healthy eating and cooking workshops, alongside physical routines such as yoga skills, outdoor exercise and aerial techniques. In turn improving physical and emotional wellbeing and increasing self-esteem for the participants involved.
The project managed to break through the isolation that most single mothers experience by creating a supportive inter-cultural community.

Overtime the project has evolved and been replicated;

  • HEALTHY MOTHERS – Yes we can! (2012)
  • FLYING MOTHERS (Spring 2013)
  • FLYING MUMS ( Autumn 2013) at Seddon Centre (Waltham Forest)

Images by Gabriella Piccaluga and Belina Ackermann, video by Steve Jackman.