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Creating spectacular, unforgettable and transformative aerial theatre performances and participation projects that reach audiences, communities & young people. Our work can happen anywhere, the sky’s the limit.

EMERGING is a stage to screen film centring on the relationship between a transgender son, who has questioned his gender identity for as long as he can remember, and his mother, whilst they embark on a journey into the unknown.


August 2021

Powerflex is a vertical journey where the building becomes the vessel for exploring power.


A journey from dark to light,
from feeling alone to belonging somewhere.



Our House Is On Fire, a unique short-film circus production exploring climate change, sustainability and social justice from the perspective of young people. This new work has been created with young aerialists and teachers from our Take Flight programme.

Our House Is on Fire

2016 - 2018

A breathtaking show combining aerial skills, visual theatre, a pulsating soundtrack and stunning projections, DEPTHS OF MY MIND brings to life the latest developments in neuroimaging around the teenage brain.

Depths Of My Mind